Solar+ Financing Program

COMING SOON! *Accepting applications in September with more information below.

Thank you for your interest in the Solar+ Financing Program.  Program information, instructions and helpful links can all be found here.


The USVI Solar+ Financing (SPF) Program is a loan program for residential solar PV and Battery systems being offered through the Virgin Islands Energy Office and the VI Water and Power Authority.  Through on-bill repayment this program allows property owners to pay for renewable energy systems through their monthly utility bill.

This program is designed to benefit energy burdened VI homeowners by lowering the barriers to resiliency and giving them greater control over their utility bill.  Using the EO’s Solar Savings Calculator, systems will be designed to result in minimum average bill reduction during the life of the loan. This allows us to bypass a credit check, a necessary step in all other large loan programs.

Download our Solar Savings Calculator to estimate your own bill savings.



  • Homeowner
  • Full-time resident
  • Minimum 1 year residency
  • No existing solar PV installations


The Solar+ Financing Program is only available to VI resident homeowners with no existing solar PV installed.  Selected applicants will receive a 15-year loan for a grid tied Solar PV system up to $30,000 with an annual interest rate of 1%.  This program uses an on-bill repayment mechanism, meaning the monthly loan payment will be placed on the homeowner’s WAPA bill for repayment. 


A limited application window will open in September 2022.  The application will only be available online and will be accessible through the link at the top of the page.  Applicants may also use the application station in the VIEO office where staff will be available to assist.  

Download the Application Worksheet to make sure you’re prepared for the application window.


Photos are acceptable but must be legible.  All pages of all documents must be included unless otherwise noted.

Click on any links below for examples of documents.

  • Property deed 
  • VI government-issued ID OR Passport listing VI as place of birth

WAPA Consumption Report Tutorial – Here is a tutorial for setting up your customer portal and getting the consumption report.