What is the Real-Time Energy Monitoring Program

      The Real-Time Energy Monitoring Pilot Program (REM Program) provides residents and small business owners with a home energy monitor. With this program we aim to give people more transparency into their energy profile, i.e., how much electricity they use and when. We believe that providing residents and business owners more visibility into their day-to-day electricity usage allows them to make better decisions about how to become more energy efficient through their purchases and behaviors. A successful pilot program will allow the energy office to gain a better understanding of energy usage in the Virgin Islands and develop more ways to increase energy equity in our community.

      The energy monitor, paired with the free iPhone or Android app, shows how much electricity is being used in real time on a second-by-second basis. Changes in electricity usage can be measured right away and with a level of certainty not afforded by the monthly electric bill. The data from the energy monitor can also be used to determine whether there’s an error in the electric bill. The energy monitor allows the user to investigate
      • Phantom loads (items that draw electricity even when they are off or not in use)
      • Base loads (items that are always on like the refrigerator)
      • Temporary loads (Items that are not always in use such as the microwave or washing machine)
The home energy monitor is non-invasively installed in the main panel box and connected to the internet via Wi-Fi. If necessary, a Wi-Fi range extender can be installed. After installation it’s registered with the mobile app. The entire process takes less than an hour.

How you can register for the rem program

Qualified residential applicants must be legal residents of the United States, have a WAPA bill in their name, and are full-time residents of the United States Virgin Islands. Qualified businesses and non-profit organizations must have a VI business license or NPO documentation and have a permanent physical location.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer energy monitors to 3-phase power customers, or those with permanent solar or wind generation installed. Participation is subject to availability.

You can register for the REM Program by either clicking this link here or by filling out the attached application and e-mailing the completed copy to lynette.sierra@eo.vi.gov along with clear copies of the required documentation.

After the application is received and approved, a contractor will call to schedule the installation. During the installation, the contractor will help the owner register the device and become familiar with reading the data. Every so often the VIEO will call or email to get feedback on improvements the energy monitor has helped to make.