Energy Efficiency  & Renewable Energy Rebate (EERE) Program

¬† The VIEO’s Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE) Rebate Program offers a 40% rebate, up to $5000, on eligible Energy Efficient and Renewable Energy products. The rebate provides a financial incentive for homeowners and small businesses to reduce their energy footprint through investment in qualifying technologies. Additionally, the program bolsters local business revenues due to restrictions on qualifying equipment being purchased from on-island vendors. In an effort to align with administrations goal of diversifying transportation strategies, this year the VIEO expanded the technology eligibility of the rebate program to include EV Charging Stations and Cables.


New for this Program Year the energy office will be diversifying the ways in which consumers can apply for the EERE rebate program. For the first time ever the applications can be submitted and status tracked through the Energy Office’s MyGov online application portal. In the age Covid the VIEO understands the importance of being agile and providing options to our applicants. Follow the link below to access the online application. Applications can still be submitted in-person at the VIEO’s St. Croix and St. Thomas Locations.


The links below include various PDF documents that will be requested & required throughout the online EERE application process. The associated document submissions will be prompted at various stages throughout the application process.