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Electric Vehicle Pilot Project

Memorandum of Agreement


The Office of the Governor, Virgin Islands Energy Office, and

The Department of Property and Procurement

The Virgin Islands Energy Office (VIEO) has received a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy for the State Energy Program (SEP) grant DE-EE004394 in which one of the market titles is for a Plug – In Electric Vehicle Demonstration Program; and under this Plug-In Electric Vehicle Demonstration Program the VIEO has purchased two electronic vehicles and will purchase two charging stations for the  vehicles, which will consist of 1 photovoltaic system with a rated peak power output not to exceed 3.5kW per system. 

VIEO through this Agreement with Property and Procurement (P&P) wishes to demonstrate to  government agencies that transportation energy efficiency is viable by using plug-in-electric vehicles in an island environment.  This effort will advance the Virgin Islands’ goal of reducing dependence on fossil fuel by 60% by the year 2025 and showcase clean energy technology in transportation, as an educational tool to residents, visitors, and other government agencies.

The VIEO will provide technical assistance; loan P&P two electric vehicles and the use of the two charging stations one on each island for one year which will all be part of P&P’s transportation fleet.  VIEO will also pay for all delivery and installation cost of the photovoltaic station.  P&P will be required to provide the sites for the charging stations, monitor and record data related to mileage and charging needs, and provide reports on the performance of the equipment.

The Department of Property and Procurement (P&P) shall:

  • Agree that the term of this Agreement for a pilot demonstration project shall be 12 months from the date of final approval and execution by the Governor.
  • Agree to return ownership of the two (2) Nissan LEAF electric vehicles to the Virgin Islands Energy Office after the 12-month demonstration period.
  • Provide monthly mileage report in a format approved by the VIEO.  Reports are mandatory pursuant to the terms and conditions of the State Energy Program (SEP) Grant # DE-EE0004394.
  • Agree to identify/designate a site in each district (St. Thomas/St. John/Water Island and St. Croix) for the placement of a charging station to support the electric fuelling needs for the Nissan LEAF assigned in their respective district.
  • Agree to the installation of two photovoltaic (solar powered) charging stations as a pre-approved site.
  • Provide monthly fuel/charging data.
  • Provide a quarterly performance report due on the 30th day of the following months: December, March, June, and September; the report must be completed in a format approved by the VIEO.
  • Develop and execute vehicle maintenance schedules in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification that must be a submitted to the VIEO.
  • Agree to replace or repair any of the two (2) vehicles if either become inoperable or damaged within the 12-month agreement period.
  • Agree to purchase additional Nissan LEAF Vehicles for the Government fleet if the monitoring data provided by VIEO is favorable and will save the Government money

The VIEO shall:

  • Purchase/procure two (2) Nissan LEAF Vehicles as approved in the State Energy Program grant award instrument.
  • Procure and install two (2) charging stations.  One will be a standard electric charging station and one will be a photovoltaic charging station which will be 100% off the utility grid.
  • Monitor the performance of the two vehicles
  • Submit a report to P&P with the results of the monitoring and energy efficiency data in order to assist P7P in purchasing additional Nissan LEAF Vehicles for the Government fleet if the information is favorable and will save the Government money.