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The Virgin Islands Energy Office (VIEO) was established in 1974 by Executive Order 182-1974 to devise and execute energy policy. The VIEO establishes, monitors, and coordinates the integration of policies relating to conservation, use, control, distribution, and allocation of energy with respect to all energy matters. The VIEO is also the state-designated agency for the planning, implementation, oversight, and administration of federal funds to include the State Energy Program (SEP) and the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP). The Office was transferred from the  Department of Planning and Natural Resources  to the Office of the Governor in 208 by Act No. 6978. The office is the sole agency with a primary focus of coordinating the implementation of energy policy by the Executive Branch and its instrumentalities.


The mission of the Virgin Islands Energy Office (VIEO) is to promote sustainable energy policies in the Virgin Islands that encompasses energy production, distribution and consumption through training, outreach, financial incentives, and technical assistance.


                                                   1) Help reduce the cost of energy.

                                                   2) Increase efficiency of energy use and production.

                                                   3) Increase fuel diversity.

                                                   4) Promote clean energy production.

These priorities are encapsulated in the territorial goal of reducing our dependency on fossil fuel for power production by 60% by the year 2025. At the end of 2014, we have achieved a 30% reduction in our fossil fuel consumption as measured in barrels of oil. The activities of the Office continue to focus on maintaining the Virgin Islands on a trajectory to achieve that goal.

Our partners include:

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